Building A (Sustainable) Future With Cloud

What is the impact of the Cloud on the ecological footprint of businesses? This set the tone for an engrossing panel discussion on ‘Building A Sustainable Future with Cloud,’ as part of the Infosys Cobalt World Tour held at Frankfurt in September 2022.

On the panel were:

  • Fonlinda Frasheri, Digital Architect at Commerzbank
  • Mats Andersson, CMO for Lefdal Mine Datacenter
  • Heinrich Seeger, an Executive Producer at CIO Magazine

Large corporations across the globe, will soon be compelled to prioritize sustainability if they are not doing so already. In parallel, many businesses are moving into the cloud with renewed vigor. What is the cloud’s relevance in benchmarking solutions that build sustainable practices for organizations? From this vantage point, the panelists explored the impact of cloud on the sustainability journeys of companies. For instance, how is the locational advantage of its data centers and focus on green IT helping Lefdal drive carbon-neutral goals for a global automobile brand? Also, how is the cloud helping drive Commerzbank’s strategy to embed sustainability deeper into its cultural fabric? These were some of the interesting perspectives to emerge during the discussion. Watch the video to find out more.