Energy and Utilities

The energy and utilities (E&U) industry is going through an era of unprecedented changes. The changes are brought on by disruptive technologies, environmentally conscious customers clamoring for lowered carbon emissions and clean energy programs, increased competition from nontraditional providers, and stringent regulations.

Infosys surveyed 116 executives from E&U organizations with over US$ 1 billion in revenues across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to understand their experience of application cloud transformation. The survey respondents were senior executives involved in digital and cloud initiatives.

The survey was aimed at understanding the external and internal drivers that trigger the movement of E&U applications to the cloud. Some interesting findings from this survey:

  • Evolving customer needs (52%), keeping up with data security trends (51%), and reducing overall IT costs (50%) influence an E&U firm’s decision to embark on a cloud apps journey
  • Almost 30% of the E&U firms have not yet launched their cloud app program. These firms are in a wait-and-watch mode as they gauge the potential of cloud technology
  • European firms worry the most about building stakeholder confidence (67%) while the US is most concerned about the continuously upgrading to newer technologies (60%)
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