Digital technologies are helping manufacturers transform into an intelligent, personalized, nimbler, and more customer-relevant organization. And the cloud plays a vital role in this metamorphosis.

Infosys surveyed 98 executives from manufacturing industry with over US$ 1 billion in revenues across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to understand their experience of application cloud transformation. The survey respondents were senior executives involved in digital and cloud initiatives.

The survey was aimed at understanding the external and internal drivers that trigger the movement of manufacturing applications to the cloud. These firms expect the application cloud transformation to deliver on many fronts. Some interesting findings from this survey:

  • Top three objectives – or pull-factors - for moving applications to the cloud for manufacturing firms are standardizing business processes through SaaS applications (63%), delivering enhanced experiences to stakeholders (62%), and using the cloud as a foundation for digital transformation (59%)
  • Manufacturers expect lower TCO, greater agility to react to a changing market and increased collaboration from their cloud apps program
  • Digital manufacturing and intelligent supply chains are the latest trends in the manufacturing industry. Cloud applications provide the necessary flexibility to respond in real-time to market signals
  • Manufacturing firms favor third-party implementations almost twice as much as in-house offerings
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