The need today for telecommunication sector is for new revenues streams, innovative offerings aligned with customer expectations, better relationships with stakeholders, and hyper-efficient operations. Digital technologies offer telecom firms an opportunity to accomplish this and more.

Infosys surveyed 81 executives from telecommunication industry with over US$ 1 billion in revenues across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to understand their experience of application cloud transformation. The survey respondents were senior executives involved in digital and cloud initiatives.

The survey was aimed at understanding the external and internal drivers that trigger the movement of telecom applications to the cloud. These firms expect the application cloud transformation to deliver on many fronts. Some interesting findings from this survey:

  • Key objectives that telecom firms expect to accomplish from the cloud apps transformation are innovating to gain competitive advantage (63%), enhancing customer experience (63%), and standardizing and integrating the technology landscape (63%)
  • The telecom sector is ahead of other industries in the size of its business-focused cluster (57%) indicating that this is a mature industry which has recognized the value of the cloud platform
  • Building stakeholder confidence (78%) was the most significant concern for the telecom industry
  • European telcos prefer the enterprise cloud (40%) and combination (40%) approaches, while US telcos prefer the LOB approach (39%)
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