Panel Discussion: Transforming Banking Experience Through Cloud Driven Modernization

The banking sector is witnessing increased momentum for cloud adoption as banks strive to meet rising demand by increasing the resilience and scalability of their business operations. The combination of rapidly evolving customer experience capabilities, customer data intelligence and real-time processing of big data are providing new avenues for banks to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to their customers.

However, it can be challenging to build a connected experience that is constantly evolving to meet customer needs. To realize a true 1:1 customer experience that goes beyond past methods of segmenting customers, a whole new class of banking technologies is essential. This should include constantly updated data feeds, continuous data cleansing and near-daily training of machine learning models. Banks will need to analyze customer insights quickly from non-traditional sources and act on these just as effectively to understand customers’ financial behaviors and anticipate their future actions – and consequently, offer them tailored products, services, and experiences.

We invite you to watch this session where experts from Infosys Financial Services and Google Cloud engage with leaders from North American banks. In this session, they share their perspectives on building a hyper-personalized digital banking journey for customers through cloud, while answering the following questions:

  • How can banks leverage the cloud to realize the full value of investment in experience management, while lowering the cost to serve their highest value customers?
  • How is cloud enabling banks to deploy fully-composable marketing technology operating models, for more agility in product delivery, faster time to market for innovations, and more finely tuned customer experiences?
  • How are cloud solutions enabling banks to better orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys, as well as gain more value from investments that are designed to deliver more profitable customers?

Event Panelists:

  • Senthilkumar Ramakrishnan - Head of Mainframe Transformation Engineering, BNY Mellon
  • Scott Kain - Regional Global Head for Cloud Services - US, HSBC
  • Shruti Saxena - SVP - Head of Marketing Technology & Digital Content, Citizens Bank
  • Rob Brown - Director, FSI Customer Experience and Design, Google Cloud
  • Dennis Gada - Industry Head, Financial Services, Infosys
  • Rajaram R K - Cloud Strategy Head - Financial Services, Infosys