“CNCF. The reason why going cloud native just got a little simpler. For all” - An Infosys SME Blog


Infosys expert Madhan Raj Jeyapragasam writes about how going cloud native has gotten simpler for all, due to the initiatives by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). He says, “The solution stack offered by the CNCF is fairly comprehensive with container runtime (containerd, rkt), container orchestration and networking (Kubernetes, CNI), service development (linkerd, CoreDNS, gRPC) and management (Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd). These are evolving rapidly in their ease of use, deployment, and upgrades. The solution stack of the CNCF has been especially designed to ease the transition of enterprises to the cloud”

He also comments that “With major CSPs namely AWS, Azure, and Google being part of the CNCF, the process is on to collaboratively establish standards for cloud native technologies and introduce them on the CSPs’ platforms. By reducing the complexity of integration, these new cloud standards provide tremendous opportunity for enterprises to adopt cloud native technologies easily, and upgrade directly through their preferred cloud service provider.”

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