A Customer Intelligence Platform on AWS for a Superior Customer Experience

Even as digital consumers seek personalized service tailored to their unique needs, the customer experience needs to be sentient – where processes adapt to shifts in behavior, and employees are empowered with customer insights to make timely and informed decisions.

The Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP), built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a solution to accelerate data ingestion, data processing, data modeling, and data analytics. This smart platform offers a unified experience providing users with hyper-contextual insights, omnichannel experiences, hyper-personalization and a 360-degree view of the customer and product.

In this article, published on, we look at how Infosys and AWS bring capabilities together to drive customers’ business and IT priorities through comprehensive cloud offerings delivered through Infosys Cobalt in the form of the Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform.

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Authors –

  • Arav Narasimhamurthy, Senior Principal Technology Architect, Data and AI at Infosys
  • Pulak Senapati is the Senior Technology Architect, Data and AI at Infosys
  • Vijay Prassana, AWS WW Partner Solution Architect for Infosys