How the Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform Delivers a World-Class Customer Experience

With digital transformation as a driver for enterprises, customer experience is the key differentiator for revenue, satisfaction, and loyalty. Today’s customers demand service tailored to their unique needs and to meet these expectations, enterprises must continuously learn, evolve, and develop mechanisms to drive usability and improve the omnichannel experience.

The Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform, a solution built using Amazon Neptune and AWS, leverages data (events, interactions, external, telemetric data, and IOT), builds knowledge graph (customer identity, products, financial solution needs, risk, and preferences), and applies machine learning (ML) algorithms to understand data from a multi-dimensional perspective.

In this post published on the APN blog, experts from AWS and Infosys discuss how the Infosys Customer Intelligence Platform provides a unified experience, enabling users with deep insights, an omnichannel experience, hyper-personalization, and a 360-degree view of the customer and product.

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  • Arav Narasimhamurthy, Sr. Principal – Infosys
  • Mithun Das, Sr. Technology Manager – Infosys
  • Jignesh Desai, WW Migration SA – AWS
  • Navtanay Sinha, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon Neptune – AWS