Monitoring Cyber Resilience in Complex Environment

In the current business environment, cyber security challenges have grown exponentially for every organization. It is extremely difficult to identify the source of the attack as data is spread across everywhere in the complex ecosystem of increasing data volume.

“Adopting new technologies is a norm rather than an exception, and with this, the challenges of data also increase to a great extent. The cyber-attacks have become much more sophisticated and invasive, especially with AI aiding them as well.”, says Umesh Kempadasiah, AVP – Senior Principal Architect, Infosys

More than 61% of organizations in a recent IDC survey said that they expected to lose data due to a cyber-attack. The recovery can take days, weeks, or even months. And the costs can be staggering.”, - Alan Atkinson, Global Partner Officer, Commvault

Hear the entire discussion to know how the strategic partnership of Infosys and Commvault aims towards providing organizations comprehensive threat scanning mechanisms such that enterprises are equipped to respond faster and with greater insight.