Proactive Patient Engagement with Infosys Digital Health Platform

Globally, it is estimated that one in every three adults suffer from chronic diseases, and in many cases, people are suffering from two or more diseases.

With patients requiring treatment in multiple therapeutic areas, there are often many stakeholders involved in care delivery, from general physicians to specialists. For this, experts rely on details (a) provided by the patients during consultations in a small duration, and (b) on the medical test results.

However, there is no easy way to monitor patient lifestyle and prevent any life-threatening situations during the treatment phase. In addition, there may be heavy reliance on self-management and monitoring by the patient.

Infosys and AWS are collaborating to help healthcare providers rethink the patient engagement and proactive care. The Infosys Digital Health Platform is a connected health platform powered by AWS, designed to help patients lead a healthy life.

In this post published on the APN blog, experts from AWS and Infosys discuss how the Infosys Digital Health Platform enables healthcare providers to enhance patient experience through proactive patient engagement, improve self-efficacy by providing real-time monitoring preventing life-threating situations, and help improve quality of life through reminders and interventions.

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  • Benhur Krupa, Technical Owner – Infosys
  • Ashutosh Pateriya, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS