Delivering Closed Loop Assurance with Infosys Digital Operations Ecosystem Platform on AWS

Service assurance (SA) is a business-critical function for telecommunications, that ensures services meet pre-defined levels of reliability and quality to provide an optimal subscriber experience. Traditional SA systems are open loop systems that require human operation to address detected issues which requires large teams and high costs. And with the advent of 5G, existing SA systems are becoming outdated.

Infosys worked with AWS to build a cloud-native CLA solution that leverages AWS native data analytics and machine learning services to build a cost-effective and scalable solution. The Infosys Digital Operations Ecosystem platform on AWS combines its expertise in CSP service assurance operations and aims to address the limitations of traditional SA systems.

In this post published on the APN blog, we see how Infosys leveraged AWS data streaming, data analytics, and ML services to –

  • ingest, process, and analyze high volumes of data from disparate sources.
  • build machine learning models to predict network events that can cause service degradation and respond with automated remediation actions.

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  • Vikrama Adethyaa, Sr. Solutions Architect – AWS
  • Jignesh Desai, WW Migration Solutions Architect – AWS
  • Anuroop Awasthi, Industry Principal – Infosys
  • Aloke Kumar Dey, Sr. Industry Principal – Infosys