Infosys AWS joint event: Enabling resilience with cloud data and analytics featuring TSB

The fast-evolving digital ecosystem is forcing enterprises to innovate and rely on Cloud to accelerate their digital transformation. An enterprise’s ability to effectively leverage data has proven to be a real differentiator that provides a competitive edge. During unprecedented times, resilient enterprises are the ones that are able to respond to disruptions with agility and spot new market opportunities drawn from intelligence created through ‘data’. Today, data processing at scale and delivering insights in real time have become absolute essentials. Also, data governance, protection, and effective management have taken on newer dimensions and scale. AWS Cloud platforms, powered by AI and data processing investment from Infosys, will establish a strong data foundation for Resilience & speed, drive Sentience and amplify business value. Watch the video of the discussion including our client- Srinath KS (Head of Analytics and Platforms, TSB) below: