From AI Shop Assistants to Virtual Changing Rooms: Why Human-centric Tech Will Define the Future of Retail

The pandemic has accelerated the rate of online shopping with 9 million Australian households purchasing online in 2020, representing 57% year-on-year growth. However, a recent Australian survey found that only 12% and 8% preferred to purchase household goods and DIY/garden products respectively online than in-store. Furthermore, an Infosys - Wongdoody research showed that 75% Australians prefer ease and speed of use in their online experiences while 50% of them miss empathy in digital interactions.

This suggests that consumers crave the digital convenience of online shopping, but still value the human intervention of the in-store experience. The question therefore remains: In a pandemic-impacted world, how can retailers recreate the in-store experience through online channels?

In this article published in IT Brief Australia, Andal Alwan, APAC Regional Head - Consumer Goods, Retail & Logistics, Infosys, discusses how capitalizing on cloud-native technology platform such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation can help digital retail experiences become more human.

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