Vanguard transforms the retirement industry with hyper-personalization

Vanguard is a strategic recordkeeping partner helping almost five million participants save for retirement. In an experience economy, companies are striving to create best in class omnichannel digital experiences for their customers. Vanguard is leading this trend by helping improve participant outcomes through unconventional investments, advice, thought leadership and technology solutions.

A leader in personalization, Vanguard uses behavioral nudges to send individual communications to participants which empowers them to take actions towards financial wellness. They intend to adapt the digital and mobile experience of a participant to specific requirements in real time by taking advantage of Infosys' ability to build advanced, customer-based experience.

The new Infosys Cobalt powered cloud-native record maintenance platform from Vanguards will open highly customized, real-time data solutions for sponsors of the planning process. The native approach of Vanguard's cloud is relevant because large patches are installed, which result in a loss of flexibility compared to a fully integrated platform, to maintain the newly modernized platforms. Vanguard and Infosys are building this new platform on the ground, with an approach integrated into the Web experience by Application Programming Interface service. They are also leveraging the work coming out of Infosys’ Living Labs that helps the firm evaluate how technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and conversational AI can enhance the retirement experience

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