Infosys Cobalt: How the Cloud is Becoming an Integral Part of the Business Strategy and is Powering Business Outcomes

This IDC report summarizes the coverage from cloud-related sessions at the Infosys Cobalt World Tour event held in April 2022. The report narrative calls out:

  • Businesses must see the cloud not just as an enabling technology, but as a force for differentiation and delivery of tangible business outcomes.
  • In several interactive sessions, clients in industries ranging from technology to retail and manufacturing articulated how Infosys has helped them achieve transformational business outcomes by deploying one or more of Cobalt's rich collections of cloud services and tools, including over 300 industry-specific assets and vertical blueprints.
  • At the event, through several live customer and partner testimonials, Infosys and its clients and partners shared stories of how clients have tackled cloud migration and application modernization using Cobalt and Infosys application services.

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