Innovate What’s Next: How Living Labs Brings Ideas to Life

The race to embrace digital technologies to compete and stay relevant in emerging business models is compelling organizations to shift focus. Enterprises are nurturing agile and elite ecosystems and are increasingly moving towards bringing together a human-centric experience with innovations led by cutting-edge technologies. While enterprises invest in innovation, key challenges such as successful sustenance, ROI realization, scaling and accelerating still remain.

Innovation should be embraced by systematically managing the innovation process. This includes closely monitoring emerging trends, foreseeing market threats, and generating business opportunities in every aspect of work. The ability to swiftly explore and experiment with emerging technologies not only supports the acceleration of digital innovation but also prompts customers to become future-ready.

Infosys Living labs is a set of well-orchestrated innovation services offered by Infosys for future-proofing customer businesses and de-risking their emerging technology transformations. It identifies the right challenges to solve to deliver maximum benefits to the customer.

In this blog post published on, experts from Infosys and AWS talk about how Infosys Cobalt in collaboration with AWS, leverages Infosys Living labs to drive innovation by co-creating with customers and promoting a systematic and scalable innovation approach to solve real-world problems.

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  • Guruprasad NV, AVP, Senior Principal Technology Architect at Infosys
  • Shyamala Sadananda, Senior Principal Technology Architect at Infosys
  • Mandar Joshi, Industry Principal at Infosys
  • Jignesh Desai, WW Migration Leader at AWS
  • Imtiaz (Taz) Sayed, WW Analytics Tech Leader at AWS