Perspectives from AWS - Infosys Living Labs in collaboration with AWS

Infosys Living Labs is delivering digital innovation as-a-service to help global enterprises meet rapidly evolving consumer expectations. We have recently announced that more than 100 global enterprises take advantage of Infosys Living Labs to accelerate their digital innovation agenda. Click here to read the press release.

Infosys Living Labs in collaboration with AWS is an endeavor to use digital innovations to address complex business problems for our customers. We are happy to share perspectives from AWS on this collaboration.

In this video series, we have three speakers from AWS who provide insights on how clients can benefit from Infosys Living Labs.

In the first video, Vikram Adethyaa, Sr. Partner Solution Architect, AWS, talks about how Infosys Living Labs is an incredible initiative to help business innovate with scale. He mentions how Infosys’ industry expertise and partnership with AWS is helping build innovative solution for client by leveraging Design Thinking principles and emerging technologies to solve critical business problems. He further talks about how Infosys’ investment in blockchain technology is helping reap benefits for global customers.

In the second video, Krishna Tirtha, Global Alliance Manager - Strategic Initiatives and Platforms, AWS, talks about Infosys Living Labs being at the heart of pursuit of innovation and how it is addressing customers business and technology priorities. He discusses about Infosys expertise in the IoT space which is helping enterprises across industries developed connected process, products, and infrastructure to bring comprehensive solution to address complex business challenges.

In the third video, Jignesh Desai, AWS Partner Solution Architect, goes on to define Infosys Living Labs in collaboration with AWS as an iterative, open ecosystem that innovatively provides digital solutions using AWS native services to provide customers cutting edge solution especially in the Data & Analytics space.