Unleashing Greater Agility and Flexibility with Hybrid – Multi Cloud Model

Businesses in present times are adopting cloud strategies that will enhance scalability, flexibility, availability and enhance the overall user experience. In order to meet the digital transformation goals and to increase the profitability, it is essential that organizations achieve exceptional levels of cloud performances.

In the article, “Unleashing greater agility and flexibility with hybrid - multi cloud model” which has been published in the TechGig publication, the author, Mr. Saju Sankarankutty, Vice President and Unit Technology Officer – Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Infosys explains how the hybrid multi – cloud deployment model has been a role changing model as it brings together the best of both public cloud and private cloud. The article dives deep into the scope and advantages that the hybrid multi cloud – model brings to organizations and how those can be utilized to achieve the overall business goal.

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