Why Multicloud Network Management is Gaining Significance

While cloud computing has fueled digital transformation in enterprises over the years, the focus in the early stages was primarily on addressing migration, integration, and commercial challenges, and mitigating cloud adoption risks. As enterprises progress in their cloud journeys, it’s time to move on from shopping and subscribing to exotic services from the cloud providers to building an end-to-end business solution that delivers value to the users.

To do this, enterprises are increasingly deploying complex digital applications across clouds with stringent performance requirements with cloud network performance being the key factor in meeting response time expectations.

In the article published by Financial Express, the author Saju Sankarankutty, Vice President and Unit Technology Officer, Cloud, Infosys, elaborates the importance of cloud network management to enhance the value of cloud. The article highlights key benefits of a robust multi cloud network management which includes consistent user experience, security and observability, better network management, network FinOps and regulatory compliance.

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