Product Engineering: Amplified on the Cloud

Manufacturers of industrial and heavy machinery products face several challenges such as high-quality costs, wastages, inefficiencies on the shop floor, under-utilization of resources, and manual operations. This leads to lesser productivity and longer lead times for fulfilling customer demand.

The cloud facilitates a remote, always-connected production landscape, empowering producers to design, manufacture, sell and service anywhere. A connected, secure cloud ecosystem helps manufacturers foster technological improvement and acquire capabilities for smart manufacturing. Infosys helps manufacturing enterprises leverage Cloud to help boost efficiency across the shop floor, business processes and the product lifecycle.

Infosys Cobalt provides a suite of smart factory offerings such as Infosys Digital Thread solution, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) transformation framework, Industry 4.0 solution, Connected Operations on Cloud, etc.

In this article, experts from Infosys and AWS discuss about how these offerings are driving the digital and smart manufacturing transformation thereby, simplifying the product design and development processes, shop floor systems, and business operations.

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  • Abhishek Goyal, Vice President & Global Practice Head for Digital Engineering at Infosys
  • Vijay Prasana, AWS WW Partner Solution Architect for Infosys