Multi-cloud: Protect Businesses and Share Data Better

As companies are investing in cloud computing, the use of multi cloud has become mainstream. Multi-cloud strategies can sometimes be challenging to manage and operate, but when used correctly, they can bring significant benefits to businesses. Companies should consider four factors namely, compatibility, capability, compliance, and cost while planning its multi-cloud strategy. Digital transformation organizations get the best of solutions by developing a clear strategy for multi-cloud.

In the article, “Multi-cloud: Protect businesses and share data better” - Tarang Puranik, Senior Vice President, Global Service Offering Head - Cloud Infrastructure Services & Head of Delivery for Europe, Infosys, shares his views on the opportunities and challenges of having a multi-cloud strategy and how organizations can be immensely benefited through it, if done correctly. Published in IT Daily, it captures the impact of multi-cloud strategies for the future of business and how enterprises can streamline and standardize the multi-cloud platform by considering four capabilities – observability, portability, interoperability, and capabilities of cloud orchestration.

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