SAP on AWS Cloud: A Roadmap for Seamless Migration

Enterprises seek to rationalize costs by migrating business-critical SAP applications and workloads to a public cloud, reaping benefits of cloud-driven scalability and agility. AWS, with its 250+ discrete and integrated services for SAP systems, addresses the maturity demanded by advanced SAP applications and offers superior reliability, security, and governance in its suite of services. However, a smooth migration of SAP services to the AWS Cloud demands rigorous planning and analysis as along with significant effort. As a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, Infosys with its rich experience in enterprise-scale cloud migration powered by Infosys Cobalt, our cloud ecosystem of services, solutions, and platforms, provides a robust migration roadmap ensuring high availability, resilience, security, and performance of business-critical SAP systems on the cloud.

In this article, experts from Infosys highlight the best practices to chart a 5-step AWS Cloud migration roadmap for SAP systems. Read on to learn how Infosys helped a manufacturing company in Europe achieved a seamless AWS cloud migration within 16 months.

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