The Finnish Post Reinvents Itself With New Technologies Including Robotic Process Automation And Gamification

The Finnish Postal Service, known locally as the Posti Group, was seeing traditional postal and letter business decline rapidly, while parcel volumes were increasing. The group realized that it required a full-scale digital transformation across all facets of the business to remain competitive.

In order to modernize the front-end consumer-facing applications and replace legacy systems and processes, Posti leveraged Infosys experience in delivering digital transformation via applied AI, Infosys Living Labs and Infosys Cobalt. The project cut across various areas including purchase invoice handling process, employee retention and modernization and futureproofing of Posti’s micro-sorting service centers.

Read this exclusive article on Forbes, where Turrka Kuusisto, CEO, Posti, talks about how partnering with Infosys has helped the group reinvent and transform from a traditional postal company into a next-generation and efficient 'delivery and fulfilment company.

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