As enterprises across industries embark on the digital transformation journey, they need platforms that provide them access to a rich set of technical capabilities to build, deploy, and run modern applications - such as microservices, APIs, event driven architecture, single page applications, mobile applications, edge deployment, and many more. While cloud has evolved as the primary hosting platform, containers have become a de-facto standard for building modern applications, providing scalability, agility, portability, and resiliency.

Infosys helps enterprises modernize their legacy application landscape as well as build new, cloud native applications using AWS Container Services. Our offerings are powered by the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, that simplifies and accelerates the modernization journey of an enterprise through hyper-automation across the application lifecycle.

We support leading container services from AWS, including:

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) - managed service for running secure, reliable, and scalable containers
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) - a trusted way to start, run, and scale Kubernetes
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) - managed OpenShift integration in the cloud
  • AWS Fargate – serverless compute option for containers
  • AWS App Runner - managed container application service for web applications and APIs

Our offerings span the complete modernization and development lifecycle with containers, including suitability assessment, architecture, migration, development, and deployment

Accelerate Application Modernization with AWS Container Services

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform brings end-to-end hyper-automation to the modernization journey with containers.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform simplifies and accelerates the modernization lifecycle

  • Container suitability assessment – application readiness assessment for containers, including technology and code impact analysis
  • Technology selection – choosing the optimal AWS services and other technologies based on business needs
  • Reference architectures – Ready-to-use solution sketches with built-in best practices based on well architected framework principles
  • Vertical/horizontal upgrades - Technology, framework, app/web server upgrades including impact analysis & remediation
  • App containerization - Creation of Docker file and image
  • Environment provisioning - Provisioning of EKS, ECS, ROSA and related services
  • Migration from other container platforms - Technology and code impact analysis, and application remediation
  • Reverse engineering – Legacy application dependency analysis and business rule extraction
  • Cloud native app development - Microservices, API, batch and UI development
  • Testing – Functional, performance and accessibility testing
  • Deployment – Ready DevSecOps pipelines for app deployment on AWS

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform’s application intelligence and reverse engineering capabilities enable system appreciation and documentation with limited SME involvement.

Infosys’ proven expert talents, backed by Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform’s built-in reference architectures and workflows that reduce dependency on niche skills and aid decision making, simplify the modernization journey.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform’s industry API catalog and hyper-automated workflows help in defining the required business APIs and services, generate non-functional application code and enable one-click deployments, thereby reducing development, containerization, and testing effort by up to 40% and time to value by up to 25%.