We live in a world of technology where digitization is driving the demand for business intelligence and analytics across all areas of modern business. With rapid Advancement in Artificial Intelligence , Internet of Things, and big data, organizations are now looking for innovative BI and analytics solutions for their businesses that can provide insights on the go, at optimal costs, and at a scalable model.

Infosys solutions help organizations tap into their vast data resources to uncover hidden business insights and make them available to executives for real-time decision-making. Clients profit from our robust partnerships with Oracle and SAP, vast domain experience, and talented task force.

Cloud Methodology and Design Thinking: Enhancing Decision-Making with BI and Analytics


Infosys has extensive BI and analytics capabilities extending from process modernization to identification and implementation of the right product along with support.

Infosys business intelligence and analytics offerings are powered by our well trained and certified consultants, rich proprietary toolsets, proven de-risked methodologies, strategic alliances, and dedicated Centers of Expertise (CoE). Our extensive capabilities in process consulting, SaaS applications, along with our design thinking-led consulting approach and comprehensive cloud methodology, help organizations redesign and enhance their key processes and gain real-time insights for crucial decision-making.

We partner with leading cloud product vendors like Oracle and SAP. We leverage these partnerships along with our product, domain and industry knowledge, and IP to ensure that our clients benefit from the early insights that our solutions provide to develop a broad business intelligence and analytics vision along with a strong digital strategy.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Embedded Operational Analytics offering enables business users to perform real-time analytics on hot transactional data and make faster decisions.

Enterprises are moving towards digitization and simplification of their analytics landscape, seeking a common reporting platform with minimum data duplicity. This helps them integrate and consolidate their business data with agility. We partner with enterprises to help them better utilize their near real-time data and achieve improved overall system performance giving a holistic, transparent, and monadic-level view of their data.

Enterprises need to create a data lake ecosystem integrating with key database and ERP systems to gain deeper business insights from structured and unstructured data. The big data landscape or data lake combines the strength of Hadoop to store huge amounts of data in commodity hardware and systems like SAP HANA to run complex analytics and provide instant insights.