Infosys offers cloud managed services, part of Infosys Cobalt, to efficiently operate cloud workloads and navigate the complexities of scaled cloud operations. Our services have built-in constructs to address governance across finance, technical, and operational requirements, along with security regulatory compliance needs.

Our services adhere to well-established frameworks such as ITILv4 that ensure the highest level of process compliance. We can extend to an SRE-centric operating model that can propel enterprises towards a cloud-native culture from traditional tower-based models.

Our comprehensive cloud managed services catalog covers:

  • The entire range of ITIL processes made suitable for Agile & DevOps ways of working
  • All cloud operational services such as provisioning, configuration and lifecycle management, asset tagging, monitoring, backup and restore services, upgrades and patch management, disaster recovery service, security and policy compliance, across all cloud deployments including IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, Containers and Kubernetes, and Serverless

As a cloud-first culture, our cloud managed services offer the following value propositions:

  • Policy-driven and automation first approach, with in-depth observability, AI-powered insights, exception-based interventions, and automated / assisted incident handling leveraging AI and BOTs
  • Everything as Code (Infrastructure, Configuration, Policy, Security and more) to ensure high repeatability and do-it-once approach
  • Deliver continuous value by optimization through cost chargeback/ show back, cost optimization, architecture optimization, resource efficiency, and evolve through introduction of new services and newer operating models.
  • A collaborative working model that eliminates friction and empowers consumers through self-service in areas such as provisioning (DevOps), lifecycle management and operational services

Catalog Services and SLAs

The base SLA for Infosys Cloud Managed Services in line with the ITIL process, for the core process of incident management, is as follows:

Category Delivery Model Coverage Response Time Resolution Time
Platinum Dedicated 24x7
  • P1: 15 Minutes
  • P2: 30 Minutes
  • P1: 4 hours
  • P2: 8 Hours
Gold Dedicated / Shared 24x7
  • P1: 30 Minutes
  • P2: 60 Minutes
  • P1: 6 hours
  • P2: 12 Hours
Silver Dedicated / Shared 16x5
  • P2: 60 Minutes
  • P3: 4 Hours
  • P4: 8 Hours
  • P2: 12 Hours
  • P3: 24 Hours
  • P4: 36 hours
Bronze Shared 8x5
  • P3: 4 Hours
  • P4: 8 Hours
  • P3: 24 Hours
  • P4: 48 hours

We offer cloud resource-based or cloud consumption-based pricing models, coupled with the clear listing of services included in a category and comprehensive SLA for all ITIL processes. This ensures an easy and transparent contracting mechanism.

Delivering Managed Services to Cloud Mature Enterprises

For enterprises that are operating in Horizon 2 and Horizon 3, we offer cloud managed services in a service-centric manner with ‘Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)’ as the core operating principle. This includes:

  • Define Service level indicators (SLI) from a customer perspective with business-aligned service level objectives (SLO)
  • Build an observability platform with static, dynamic, and leading thresholds for proactive and predictive management
  • Automate routine tasks like job monitoring, patch management and implement self-healing for incident handling
  • Engineer self-managing systems to reduce manual toil through self-service, non-disruptive deployment strategies, workload modeling coupled with capacity planning and implementation of dynamic scaling, partial failure handling, and adoption of chaos engineering
  • Implement technical and financial governance, manage policy drift and continuous compliance

In such an engagement, the SLIs would focus around availability, latency, throughput, durability, and error rate, which are more important to the business to be ensured than the typical ITIL process SLA like incident response time and resolution times.

Infosys cloud managed services are available in pay-as-you-use as well as conventional pricing models.


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Challenges & Solutions

A well-defined operating model backed by a standard service catalog with selectable add-on services as per enterprise business needs. A robust service transition approach and seamless stitching of services in the landscape ensure zero/ minimal service disruption in transition.

Rigorous asset tagging, consumption tracking, and IT show back, ensuring accountability of consumption. Our cost and architecture optimization services helps clients in deriving maximum value from their cloud spent.

For clients who are adopting SRE model, we guide them through operating model transformation with an Infosys 4S phased adoption journey: Snorkel-Swim-Scuba Dive-Submarine.