UCAS and Infosys: Realizing the dream of zero-distance education together

Mary Curnock Cook, Chief Executive, UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), explains how Infosys transformed the UCAS IT infrastructure to help process more than three million student applications annually. "We really needed an experienced IT partner to come and help us to stabilize our systems, improve our service, and make sure that our customers have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience every time they interacted with our services," - Cook said.

"They care about our customers and that for us was really the clinching argument and we are happy with the partnership with Infosys for the last two – three years." Cook also noted how the UCAS website experienced critical failures during peak summer when it had to deal with more than 200 logins per second. To alleviate such issues, Infosys stepped in and now UCAS is able to efficiently and accurately respond to the millions of queries it receives.