For enterprises that begin with low investments in technology but need to scale up quickly as their businesses grow, create future-proof architecture that is cloud-enabled and continuously evolving to address changing business needs, cloud-native application development is a good choice. Based on microservices architecture, it can build highly scalable, cost-effective applications with high availability.

Infosys leverages AWS technologies to build and deploy such applications and has deep expertise with several use case implementations. We build microservices, drive event-driven processing and high-volume batch processing, conduct static website hosting, and develop data lakes by adopting either a containerized or a serverless implementation approach.

The serverless architecture on AWS is realized using a broad set of services such as AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, Amazon Aurora Serverless, and more. The containerized implementation uses AWS services such as AWS ECS, AWS EKS, or AWS Fargate coupled with container registry.

Empowering Scalable Architecture with AWS Cloud-Native Services


Infosys delivers cloud-native application development services aided with accelerators and best practices which include startup implementation for the above-mentioned use cases, a pipeline for CI/CD deployment, and automation of instrumentation for observability ensuring faster and consistent delivery of services.


Challenges & Solutions

Reference architecture or common use cases, which are ready for configuration and deployment are available in the asset repository.

Engineering assets which have ready-to-use templates packaged as ‘Infra-as-code’ create various resources. They can be used to deploy application for multiple environments and for resiliency implementation with cross region configurations.

A knowledge asset which is scenario-based assists in comparing various services from different categories such as compute, messaging, analytics and help choose the best solution.