Dairy Farm International is an Asian retailer operating supermarkets, hypermarkets, multi-format convenience, health and beauty, and home furnishing stores, restaurants, and franchises of global brands. The company implemented SAP Retail for merchandising across 7-Eleven, Giant and Cold Storage stores in Singapore.

Data systems of these retail brand stores were managed by three different applications with their own database structure and multiple code base. Infosys implemented a cloud integration platform to accumulate and transform data for 560+ stores in the required format for different store systems.

Key Challenges

  • Disparate systems across store formats resulted in lack of integrated view
  • Maintaining legacy systems escalated the total cost of operations (TCO)
  • Inadequate monitoring challenged management of data processing jobs

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The Solution

Unified platform on cloud manages data integration of Retail merchandising system with stores across formats and countries

Infosys implemented an integration platform across multi-format retail stores of Dairy Farm, Singapore. Our cloud solution gathers and transforms data for 560+ stores while generating outbound interfaces for different types of store systems.

Our platform serves as an integration layer for the SAP Retail system to process enterprise data such as product, price, barcode, and sales promotions information, apply business rules, and deliver data in the format required by store systems.

Infosys solution leverages the AWS suite of Platform as a Service (PaaS):

  • AWS Lambda for initiating data processing
  • Amazon Aurora for enterprise database availability
  • Amazon EKS for containerizing applications for scalability
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk for hosting user interface applications

Cloud platform integrates data across multi-format retail stores

  • Unified platform capable of supporting requirements of diverse store formats across countries
  • Automatic scalability based on the quantum of data to be processed
  • Custom dashboard to monitor and trigger batch jobs


Rationalized cost with AWS hosting

Rationalized cost with AWS hosting

Reduced data processing time by 80% from three hours to 35 minutes

Reduced data processing time by 80% from three hours to 35 minutes

Scalable solution with high availability and superior performance

Scalable solution with high availability and superior performance