Infosys Simplified Supply Planning is a solution that simplifies the supply planning process. It enables supply to be fine-tuned based on demand, warehouse, and store-level constraints. Infosys Simplified Supply Planning is an advanced supply chain inventory planning solution that allows phased replenishment over time with streamlined warehouse and store-level ordering. It is designed to provide multiple methods of replenishment to create a flexible buy plan for the entire chain. In this solution, outbound planning is designed with scientific algorithms for constrained allocations.

Advanced supply chain inventory planning solution that offers time-phased replenishment with warehouse and store level order smoothening

  • Automatically considers warehouse and store-level constraints like storage capacity, workforce availability, etc., to streamline supply orders
  • Purpose-built supply engine that can easily adapt to a constantly changing supply chain environment
  • Process simulation for optimization of parameters
  • Built-in constrained allocations by business rules like fair-share, SKU priority, and store rank
  • Easy to automate all business actions to run in 100% auto mode
  • Maintain a single version of the plan and allocations that align with the long-horizon plan

Challenges & Solutions

Configurable business rules to manage demand-supply gaps, such as fair-share, SKU priority, and store ranking

Capability to streamline orders to align with inventory levels, labor, and transportation plans

100% automation possible for warehouse allocations and store replenishment orders

What-if capabilities to visualize and assess the impact of multiple plans