Infosys and Oracle are committed to helping clients transform to a live enterprise

We do this by providing next-gen technology, empowered and refactored talent and unique commercial models that increase efficiency, maximize productivity, minimize risk, accelerate time to market, explore new business models, and continuously improve the user experience. The three pillars of our transformation approach:

  • Transform with technology – Infosys helps organizations reap the benefits of modernized landscapes through clear and actionable roadmaps. We leverage proven implementation and cloud migration experience along with a host of resources like innovation hubs, knowledge repositories, methodologies, industry-specific preconfigured solutions, and more. An energized core and streamlined processes empower organizations to respond effectively to customers, partners and employees.
  • Transform with talent – Companies need to quickly refactor and re-skill talent to maximize value from technology investments. Infosys empowers your talent with next-gen skills through Wingspan, our cloud and mobile-first learning platform. With over 200,000 employees, we share our experience leveraging online/app-based training programs, collaborations with more than 125 universities, and strategic investments in Infosys Experience Design. This drives talent enablement and helps clients meet local talent requirements, thereby simplifying transformation projects with enhanced user experience.
  • Transform with assurance – Managing risk and ensuring quality is a constant challenge when adopting new and disruptive technologies. As a ‘Cloud Elite Platinum Partner’ of Oracle, Infosys has early insights into product roadmaps and access to the latest Oracle technologies, thereby assuring you of future-proof technology and risk-free transformation journeys. Our transparent commercial models integrate Oracle licenses with our services, giving you customized and cost-effective pricing for the best results.

Infosys and Oracle can help you transform into a live enterprise as you navigate your next on your digital transformation journey. Connect with us to know more.