Infosys Employee Experience Solution empowers organizations to deliver exceptional employee experience and exponential business value from their human resources.

Providing a unified employee experience across hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems, the solution makes it easier for workers to communicate and collaborate within the organization. It offers a consistent, interactive, and immersive user experience irrespective of the underlying system or the device in hand.

Designed around enterprise business processes, Infosys Employee Experience Solution enhances your existing system landscape through zero-disruption modernization with a digital layer of engagement and intelligence on top of the existing system of records. Based on an open-source platform, the solution can be easily configured for your business needs and deployed rapidly.

It also offers multiple digital experience solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) that can increase employee productivity and reduce operational costs.

The Human Experience Layer That Simplifies Digital HR

  • Unified user experience
  • Embedded analytics
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Contextualized information
  • Actionable widgets
  • Digital assistance
  • Immersive onboarding solution
  • AI/ML-based talent screening advisor

Challenges & Solutions

Deploy Infosys Employee Experience Solution to provide your employees with an integrated and unified platform across disparate corporate applications. The solution with content personalized for specific roles is mobile-enabled and creates an engaging experience for employees.

Infosys Employee Experience Solution creates a single layer of engagement on top of the existing system of records. This helps modernize the HR technology and rejuvenate the HR service experience with zero service disruption and minimum capex investment in as less as 12 weeks.

Infosys Employee Experience Solution includes multiple AI/ML-based cognitive Live Enterprise solutions such as digital assistance for employees, onboarding journey for new hires, and talent screening advisor for recruiters to boost productivity and efficiency through hyper-automation.

The solution includes embedded people analytics and actionable insights to enable data-driven strategic decision-making across functions.