The logistics industry is experiencing unprecedented growth post COVID-19 with a boom in ecommerce even as it simultaneously grapples with supply chain challenges. To stay relevant in these times, logistics players in every industry need to achieve digital transformation.

The Infosys Logistics Cloud practice offers end-to-end digital transformation support to meet changing consumer needs in today’s digital world. This is achieved by providing capabilities such as quick customer onboarding, flexible business models, automated fleet management, smart warehousing, blockchain implementation, real-time visibility, and predictive analytics.

We have industry-leading practices as part of our logistics competency. This includes continuous innovation to provide enterprise-wide digital solutions using Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud, and Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud. These are augmented with Infosys IPs, accelerators, tools, and pre-configured business assets. We provide services to shippers in industries such as hi-tech, industrial, automotive, CPG, retail, and oil and gas, as well as distribution and logistics companies such as managed transportation services, contract logistics, and freight forwarders.

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Pillars of Our Logistics Competency

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How we can help

Our team of Cloud-certified professionals can unlock the true potential of your enterprise

Hassle-free Robust Implementation

Hassle-free Robust Implementation

  • Program Governance
  • Requirement fitment Analysis
  • Application implementation best practices using DevOps
  • Accelerated Cloud Transformation (ACT) methodology based on agile principle
  • Integrate with any Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Global Rollouts
  • User Training
  • Roadmap to migration
Enhancements and Flexi-Support

Enhancements and Flexi-Support

  • Continuous innovation to provide resilient and responsive solutions
  • Enhancements Hub and Support Services
  • Cloud Upgrade
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Customer On-boarding
Digital Transformation with Infosys Assets

Digital Transformation with Infosys Assets

  • Improve efficiency by solving Logistics challenges
  • Make use of Pre-built Industry Specific Assets, Integration Frameworks, Tools & Accelerators to gear up implementation pace
  • Replenish white spaces with Infosys Solution Extensions
  • Embark Logistics 4.0 with digital technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain, IOT.

Our Offerings

Key Solutions

Integrated Transportation Solution 
  • Serviceable in both cloud and on-premises for freight forwarder, inbound, outbound and reverse logistics and comes with a preconfigured.
  • Provides 10+ point solutions such as parcel, IOT, and last mile.
  • Partnered with FourKites, Blume Global and FarEye for visibility and transportation for carrier integration
Smart Warehousing Solution  
  • Provides a cloud service for Core WMS, peripherals and WCS/WES and comes with a preconfigured demo
  • Provides 5+ point solutions such as packing workbench, and slotting
  • Partnered with Addverb and Fortna for WCS/WES and Intellium for peripherals
Global Trade Compliance  
  • Serviceable in both cloud and on-prem for sourcing, product classifications, free trade agreements, import and export filing and documentation and comes with a preconfigured demo
  • Provides 3+ point solutions such as bonded warehouse, customs integration and Brexit.
  • Partnered with Descartes and MIC

Other Solutions

  • Applicable for OTM/WMS/GTM rapid implementation in 11-12 weeks and facilitates assessment and demo
  • Offerings at pillar level - Standard and Standard Plus
Customer Onboarding  
  • Enables faster customer onboarding with the help of tools and accelerators that cover customer interaction, EDI mapping, configuration, development and testing
Logistics Control Tower  
  • Fully automated digital analytics platform with strong focus on exception management and root-cause analysis
  • Integrated performance management system with dashboards
  • Provides real-time updates to OTM dashboard through IoT

Tools and Accelerators

Rate Management Tool 

Open source tool for business users to upload rates quickly

Cloud Migration Tool  

Provides migration and transformation services for moving from on-prem/any TMS system to Oracle Cloud

Conversational AI/RPA  

Intelligent Chatbots helping with Self-help and high first call resolution connected with service now

OTM Thread Monitoring  

Monitor, Analyze and report application availability, performance and failures. Drill down to monitoring probes, and their analytics

Test Script Automation  

Enables automated test execution for faster cloud upgrade or any other regression testing