Retail Solution by Infosys is built for retail enterprises that operate in segments such as fashion, grocery/convenience, specialty products, and hardlines. This cloud-based solution is delivered seamlessly through end-to-end business processes, reference architecture, and preconfigured Oracle Retail SaaS solutions powered by Infosys platforms, frameworks, and accelerators across the retail value chain. These components facilitate smooth cloud adoption and digital transformation onto a modern retail platform that is designed for growth.

Our platform offers digitalized solutions for retail planning, merchandise execution, and POS as well as omnichannel operations:

  • Retail Merchandise Planning is a solution for managing assortment, placement, pricing, promotions, and product lifecycle
  • Retail Merchandise Execution is a suite that streamlines purchasing, distribution, order fulfillment, inventory management, and financial closure enablement
  • Retail Stores and Omnichannel solutions help drive operations across point-of-service, e-commerce, and order management systems

The solution provides an accurate view of inventory, product data, and transaction details purpose-built for the analytical and experiential requirements of a modern retailer across planning, merchandising, e-commerce, and POS.

A platform for accelerated cloud transformation with proven methodology, reusable process assets, and automation tools to streamline lifecycle management


The following Infosys assets power the solution:

IPs and Frameworks

IPs and Frameworks

  • Infosys tools for enhancing process framework and accelerated deployments
Value-added Offerings

Value-added Offerings

  • Pre-built integrators for cloud and legacy applications providing faster time to value
  • Pre-configured communications between Oracle Retail SaaS and enterprise batch schedulers
  • Established framework to extract foundation and transaction data from legacy applications
Additional Accelerators

Additional Accelerators

  • CFO Cockpit – Pre-built CFO KPI dashboard with AI/ML-based projections
  • Invoice matching recommendations - AI/ML-based resolution suggestions based on historical user actions
  • Automation of effort-intensive business user actions
  • Automation tool for regression testing
  • Dashboards for operational excellence

With Infosys Retail Industry Solution, retailers can:

  • Accelerate the implementation journey, reducing the transformation duration by up to 25%
  • Achieve 20% to 30% reduction in inventory carrying costs through tailored planning configurations and rules
  • Increase revenue by up to 10% through endless aisle, frictionless checkout
  • Gain 40% cost savings through template-driven global store rollouts
  • Improve user productivity by 10% to 15% across procurement, sales audit, and invoice matching process
  • Reduce cost of quality by 15% with automated testing capabilities

Challenges & Solutions

Simplified Supply Planning Solution – The solution enables a single version of advanced inventory planning, replenishment, and allocation. It provides the ability to generate buy plan and allocation plan for the entire planning horizon.

Extended Store Solution – Self-service Stores is a solution that works as an extension for retail contactless shopping experience.

ML-based Retail Invoice Matching – Machine learning algorithms learn the action to be performed based on historical discrepancy resolution data. The trained model is used to predict the action for unmatched invoices.