The Infosys Retail practice introduces Extended Store, an app that combines the convenience of contactless commerce with the personal touch of shopping at the retail store. It enables seamless and convenient shopping with a zero-touch journey and accelerated checkout. In addition, it serves as an effective marketing, merchandising and productivity tool. The Infosys Extended Store incorporates advanced data analytics to glean consumer insights from shopping behavior for targeted promotions.

The plug-in functionality of our Extended Store app enables brick-and-mortar retailers, grocers and supermarkets to create pop-up stores and hyperlocal micro-markets. It functions alongside staff-intensive models such as curbside pickup or home delivery while significantly reducing the real estate footprint of retailers.

Our platform-independent, light-weight mobile app does not require IT support or modifications to intricate retail processes. Geo-tagging based on GPS coordinates of the store enables scheduling of shoppers’ visits and logistics optimization. An intelligent recommendation engine uses GPS data, in-store traffic and other information to help shoppers select a store and schedule a visit.

The Extended Store tracks customers in the store and their digital as well as physical shopping carts in real time. Store associates scan the QR code on the payment receipt to access the shopping cart from an enterprise device. This mode of cart validation by an associate ensures seamless, contactless checkout while preventing fraud. Significantly, product traceability minimizes loss and shrinkage by supporting inventory management.

Infosys Extended Store enhances the customer experience by enabling self-service and contactless checkout.

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Challenges & Solutions

Extended Store facilitates a contactless customer journey – from browsing and ‘add to cart’ to self-checkout.

Our app allows retailers to pivot to flexible store and delivery formats without point of sale system upgrades.

Our app enables persona-based shopping journeys with targeted promotions by leveraging advanced data analytics.