Infosys Retail offers an integrated, cloud-native ecosystem to drive engaging and personalized shopping experiences. Infosys Equinox, our omnichannel commerce platform, enables consistent, secure and seamless customer engagement across devices, touchpoints, and social channels. Infosys Equinox provides a future-ready architecture to rapidly deliver unique and engaging shopping experiences for digital consumers of brick and mortar as well as online retailers.

Infosys Equinox combines an API-first microservices-based architecture with open-source technologies and cloud-agnostic deployment, making it the most flexible commerce platform on the market. Each headless microservice incorporates rich functionality to extend digital commerce across digital and physical touchpoints including content, mobile apps, voice and IoT, with the ability to orchestrate and fine-tune business logic to support ever-evolving use cases and emerging channels. The foundational framework of Infosys Equinox can also be used to build custom microservices for any experience. Modular components enable localization of the web / mobile interface for language, currency, payment, address, and delivery. In addition, it minimizes the time, effort and infrastructure needed to deliver new experiences such as product-specific or promotion-related content.

Our headless modular digital commerce platform offers pre-built solutions such as virtual closet, AI-driven chatbot, AR/VR, virtual try-on, scan-and-go checkout and live shopping that are interoperable with technology portfolios and legacy platforms. It provides retailers with the speed and agility to acquire new capabilities, launch innovative services, and grow their digital footprint, in as fast as six weeks. Integrated with enterprise systems, Infosys Equinox supports a 360-degree view of the customer to enable rich customer profiling, omnichannel targeting, and marketing mix modeling. This helps retailers influence the shopping journey, deepen customer engagement, and drive conversion by capitalizing on real-time data as well as consumer insights.

The Infosys Equinox platform creates an endless aisle that allows shoppers to easily access digital product catalogs, evaluate reviews and ratings, obtain price and discount information, redeem coupons and loyalty points, request for assistance, and make a purchase. Significantly, it enriches the shopping experience via the new-age commerce channels like AI-based chatbot, IoT-enabled checkout, augmented / mixed / virtual reality-driven interaction, voice-assisted support, ML-based personalized recommendations, and value-added subscription service.


Challenges & Solutions

Headless microservices enable seamless and unified experiences across channels and allow them to be centrally managed. Customer engagement and response across channels and campaigns rolls seamlessly into a single 360-degree view of the customer. Content and offers can be targeted to specific markets and customers when desired

Rich APIs extend commerce services to any touchpoint, with flexible orchestration supporting rapid changes to business logic and functionality. IT teams can leverage DevSecOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines and push updates multiple times per day

Robust business user tooling supports content management, scheduling, landing page design and drag-and-drop merchandising through a unified console