The Infosys Retail practice offers restaurant management solutions that deepen engagement with customers. We streamline business processes at standalone fast casual restaurants and quick service chains to improve productivity, ensure food safety, and increase profitability. You can increase average order size by moving from mass marketing to customer relationship management-driven operations.

Our digital platform solutions help you customize the menu and cater to the local palate while managing changes to orders. Our mobility solutions reduce wait time with tableside ordering and settlement. In addition, we create digital display units to promote meal offers, daily specials, and 'happy hours.'

Our forecasting models predict demand, while our reporting tools monitor operations, risks and wastage.


Infosys solutions for quick service restaurants


Challenges & Solutions

Restaurant-specific portals incorporate search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic to the website, and provide intuitive navigation for online ordering.

Order management systems integrate inventory, accounting and billing modules to dynamically create combo orders and ensure prompt checkout.

Knowledge management approach motivates employees to undertake training programs and assimilate the restaurant culture.