The Infosys Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail practice introduces Sentient Pet Care Expert solution to deepen the engagement with Pet Parents by providing a contactless experience and enabling omni-channel purchase of products/services for pets. It blends probing, diagnosis, and nutritional guidance to ensure the wellbeing of pets. Our solution combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and real-time data analytics to help CPG manufacturers and retailers capitalize on the demand for pet food, dietary supplements, grooming products, toys, apparel, fashion accessories, and pet care services.

Our Sentient Pet Care Expert solution adopts a knowledge-driven approach that empowers CPG/retail enterprises to leverage real-time insights to contextualize the pet owner’s intent and fulfill their demand. Our solution is built on the Infosys Live Enterprise Suite that accelerates the path to purchase journey by incorporating intelligence across every step. It enables CPG manufacturers and retailers to continuously sense and respond to market dynamics. Moreover, cognitive microservices enable real-time contextualization to predict diseases, provide nutritional guidance, and address the needs of a pet.

The Infosys Sentient Pet Care Expert solution provides anytime, anywhere assistance for personalized pet care — from nutrition and training to grooming and healthcare. Our solution is powered by the Infosys Digital Brain that simulates faculties of the human brain such as cognition, memory, awareness, and monitoring.

Our AI solution harvests digital, syndicated, and enterprise data to build a knowledge graph of a pet, which is useful to compile a personalized pet care guide. The graph is enriched with data about the pet (breed, age, and dietary preferences), data from IoT devices (behavior and lifestyle), and health condition (veterinary diagnoses). Continuous learning enables our solution to predict onset of diseases based on the health history, research artifacts around pets, feeding patterns, and breed-specific traits of a pet. Further, it recommends nutrition supplements and dietary/fitness regimen for preventive healthcare. Our solution can be easily embedded into digital channels and commerce platforms to upsell/cross-sell relevant products.

Our AI-powered solution enhances the experience for Pet Parents with expert pet care guidance

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Challenges & solutions

Human-like probing engine powered by AI helps understand and fulfill requirements across the life stages of a pet, and provide a guided pet care experience to owners

Cognitive ecosystem extracts knowledge from structured and unstructured data and contextualizes every interaction to drive loyalty

Seamless integration of our cognitive solution into the existing digital footprint (web, mobile, and social) and service channels (chat, voice, and video) ensures consistent customer interaction