The Infosys Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) practice designs an autonomous supply chain ecosystem to sense and fulfill consumer demand while optimizing inventory. Our approach provides near real-time visibility into master data across customers, products, channels, retailers, distributors, and partners. It enables multi-brand FMCG enterprises to grow sales by improving the effectiveness of marketing strategies and sales promotions as well as ensuring accuracy of demand fulfillment. Further, it supports statistical forecasting, sales trend analysis, and advanced supply chain analytics for superior planning across the product, demand and operations continuum.

Infosys Autonomous Supply Chain Planning and Execution solution, powered by TradeEdge, enables CPG enterprises to drive profitable growth with an autonomous supply chain. TradeEdge provides insights from suppliers and retailers across the demand value chain to gain maximum channel visibility, improve retail execution, and enter new markets faster.

Infosys Autonomous Supply Chain Planning and Execution solution, a catalyst for CPG enterprises

Improve demand forecasting by harmonizing master data with AI and machine learning


Business Solutions: Infosys Demand Sensing Solution

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Case Study: Infosys Autonomous Supply Chain Planning and Execution Solution

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Challenges & Solutions

Artificial intelligence tools and machine learning models process and harmonize master data within minutes from acquisition.

Accurate forecasts and timely sales and inventory data help prioritize dispatches to meet spikes in demand while generating substantial cost savings.

Reliable SKU-level sales and inventory reports enable cross-channel analysis to identify trends, improve demand planning, and boost operations.