Managed Security Services

Today, technology is evolving rapidly, and hackers are actionizing their deeds. Many organizations aren’t adequately prepared and wait until after a breach to implement processes and safeguard themselves from future cyber risks or attacks.

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How we can help

24X7 Security Monitoring and threat intelligence via global network of Cyber Defense Centers

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

We help our customers to continually improve their security monitoring capabilities resulting in effective management of incidents and threats by our advanced security platforms and a global pool of security analysts.

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Increased visibility of Threat Landscape

We provide security monitoring and platform support for SOC tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Decoy Services, Forensics, Malware Reverse Engineering, and Threat Hunting. This helps to identify, investigate, and respond to threats effectively and efficiently.

How do I protect my enterprise from cyber-attacks?

Incident Management

We help our customers to bring order and structure needed for an effective incident response during security breach by owning, handholding customers teams with various phases of breach response – Containment, Eradications, Recovery by leveraging our highly skilled global SWAT teams.

Our Offerings

With our Managed Security Services, we help our clients to continually improve cybersecurity maturity by leveraging our global network of Cyber Defense Centers powered by an advanced security platform

Other Solutions

Managed Identity Security Services 

We design security governance frameworks and define information security policies and cybersecurity metrics for CISO dashboarding.

Managed Threat Detection and Response Services 

Provide security monitoring and platform support of SOC tools (SIEM, TIP, UEBA, MA, and Decoy Services).

Managed Vulnerability Management Services 

Provide application, infrastructure, and/or ERP VAPT services leveraging client tools or Infosys Threat Surface Management platform. Services are delivered from Infosys’ network of global CDCs.

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Provide ongoing threat, cyber intelligence, and brand/IP leakage monitoring services for clients from Infosys CDC.

Managed Infrastructure Security Services 

Provide ongoing support of one or more infrastructure security controls such as firewalls, IPS, WAF, NAC, secure web gateways, host security, etc.

Managed Cloud Security services 

Ongoing monitoring and support of one or more security controls for the cloud.

Managed ET Services 

SOC integration and monitoring of OT assets through SOC networks.