Vulnerability Management

Rapid digital adoption across industries and geographies has expanded threat surfaces significantly, leading to a rise in the volume of vulnerabilities associated with them. The inability of organizations to effectively prioritize and deal with these vulnerabilities further increases the frequency and magnitude of “preventable” cyber-attacks.

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How we can help

Curbing security risks with our robust Vulnerability Management solution

1.	A Robust Vulnerability Management Solution

A Robust Vulnerability Management Solution

Our services go beyond vulnerability scanning and reporting to cover business value like prioritization based on risks, lifecycle tracking, and remediation consulting for a holistic security posture. We also offer platform-based managed services powered by automation for operational excellence and cost optimization.

Application Security

Application Security

Motivated by our ‘Secure by Design’ principle, we implement a complete secure SDLC with appropriate application security controls for traditional as well as CI/CD type landscape.

Certified Penetration Testing Service Provider

Certified Penetration Testing Service Provider

Infosys is CREST certified penetration testing service provider. We offer internationally credible, regulatory compliance, and assurance of processes and procedures while conducting penetration tests.

Our Offerings

We strengthen the enterprise security posture by continuous scan and remediation of vulnerabilities across applications, infrastructure and endpoints through our Vulnerability Management services

Other Solutions

Threat Modelling and Risk Analysis 

Identify and prioritize potential threats such as structural vulnerabilities in systems and applications.

Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing 

Vulnerability management and penetration testing for applications, infrastructure, cloud, ERP, mobile and IoT/OT.


Integrate application security controls into the CI/CD pipeline for implementing DevSecOps.

Red Team Operations 

Assess the effectiveness of client’s security operations and monitoring from within client network.