Vulnerability Management

Rapid digital adoption across industries and geographies has expanded threat surfaces significantly, leading to a rise in the volume of vulnerabilities associated with them. The inability of organizations to effectively prioritize and deal with these vulnerabilities further increases the frequency and magnitude of “preventable” cyber-attacks.

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How we can help

Curbing security risks with our comprehensive Vulnerability Management solution

Robust application security services

Robust application security services

Our services go beyond identification of security vulnerabilities and reporting to offer business value across application development stages. Vulnerability prioritization based on risks, lifecycle tracking, remediation consulting, red and blue teaming, offensive security measures like penetration testing are some of the salient features of our application security services. We also offer platform-based managed services (Infosys Cyber Scan) powered by automation for operational excellence and cost optimization.

Follow shift left approach for secure digital transformation

Follow shift left approach for secure digital transformation

Following the principle of ‘Secure by Design’, we enable enterprises to adopt Shift Left approach wherein security testing & remediation commences early in the software development lifecycle. The integrated DevSecOps processes we follow for application development ensures early detection and remediation of security defects across the transformation initiatives.

Certified practices & focused delivery oversight by security CoE

Certified practices & focused delivery oversight by security CoE

Infosys is a CREST certified Penetration Testing service provider. We offer internationally credible, regulatory compliance, and assurance of processes and procedures while conducting penetration tests.

Our Offerings

We strengthen the enterprise security posture by continuous scanning and remediation governance of vulnerabilities across applications, infrastructure and endpoints through our Vulnerability Management services

Other Solutions

Threat Modelling and Risk Analysis 

Identify and prioritize potential threats such as architectural shortcomings in systems and applications, with respect to Security

Infrastructure Vulnerability Management 

Vulnerability management of enterprise IT infrastructure such as servers, network devices and EUC hosted on-premises or cloud to provide-

  • Process and technology consulting (assess, design & implement)
  • Continuous assessment and monitoring (automated scans and remediation governance)

Embed security checkgate policy into CI/CD pipeline –

  • DevSecOps consulting (assess, design)
  • DevSecOps implementation and support
Offensive Security 

Deep dive assessment enterprise IT assets such as–

  • Application penetration testing (web, mobile, thick client, COTS, API)
  • Infrastructure penetration testing (network segmentation PT)
  • Red teaming
ERP Vulnerability Management 

Comprehensive ERP security solution that provides

  • Process and technology consulting (maturity assessment, design, implementation)
  • Automated scanning and remediation governance
  • Continuous monitoring
Container Security 

Assuring containerized application deployments by –

  • Design and implementation of container security
  • Continuous assessment & monitoring of containers in build, registry, and runtime
Application Security 

Certifying enterprise applications across SDLC by –

  • Tailoring contextualized security controls
  • Static as well as run-time security checks in form of SAST, SCA & DAST of web, mobile, thick client, and Web APIs
  • Plan, design, deploy, configure, integrate, and manage application protection controls including WAF and BOT protection solutions to secure hosted applications
Attack Surface Management 

Identify, analyze and reduce the risk posed by enterprise IT infrastructure by:

  • Identifying security misconfigurations, unattended critical assets and outdated or vulnerable components proactively
  • Knowing what information is being kept for your organization by various services that index the entire internet.
Secure Design and Architecture Review 

Secure design review of system architecture by manual analysis of gaps in security control & recommendations to secure the system architecture

Zero Day Response 

Infosys timebound solution to extraordinary events such as zero day helps enterprises react to emergencies with confidence by focused efforts towards advisory, assessment and governance services for any zero-day vulnerability