Complex organizations need a centralized enterprise security architecture that enables stakeholders to have a single view of their security posture. Often, security leadership of enterprises lack necessary information regarding the presence of technology controls, their interoperability, the security technology asset inventory, their deployment status, and roadmap.

Infosys Cyber Compass is an Enterprise Security Architecture solution as a managed service. It tracks technology controls, compares them with reference architecture, gets visibility into their gaps, points out the ones that are yet to be implemented, their deployment status, details of products that implement these controls, coverage, and interoperability.

Infosys Cyber Compass

  • Provides complete view of the technology controls and their interaction
  • Documents and visualizes the Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Provides visibility into control gaps
  • Presents the activities and progress in adding or decommissioning security tools mapped to controls
  • Enables effective security governance
  • Helps CISOs to prioritize investments into new controls

Cyber Compass is a Managed Enterprise Security Architecture Service that provides visibility into the status of technical controls and improves security governance.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Cyber Compass provides central repository of a security architecture and becomes a single source of truth
  • It gathers security controls and products data from multiple silos and provides a common view to all stakeholders
  • Infosys manages and maintains an organization’s Enterprise Security Architecture as a service
  • While the security architecture will be aligned by default to Infosys SEED and NIST CSF frameworks, the service is flexible enough to accommodate other frameworks too thereby providing a single view of technology controls in an organization

  • Cyber compass highlights essential controls that are absent in an organization
  • It also spots procured security products that may not have been deployed fully thereby constituting security risks that are implicitly accepted

  • Cyber Compass allows CISOs to regularly review the security architecture and identify gaps in security, against industry standards
  • It also presents the progress of controls and enables to focus on actions needed to resolve control implementation issues
  • These together enable informed decision making and help justify security investments