Data Privacy and Protection

Data privacy enables the isolation of sensitive data from interference by providing essential access rights while data protection allows stakeholders to control the usage of data at any given point in time thus avoiding data loss, theft, or breach.

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How we can help

Prevent leakage of sensitive information and ensure privacy of data subjects

How can I manage my enterprise data?

Data Privacy

We assess and identify privacy gaps, design privacy framework and controls, and provide operational support to monitor and improve the privacy management program as per the global privacy regulatory requirements like GDPR, CCPA, etc.

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Data Discovery and Classification

We help by discovering and classifying structured and unstructured data stored across enterprise repositories hosted on-premise or on-cloud.

How do I protect my enterprise from cyber-attacks?

Data Protection

We help in implementing integrated data protection solutions like classification, DLP, CASB, encryption thus providing 360-degree data protection for sensitive Data At Rest (DAR), Data In Motion (DIM), and Data In Use (DIU).

Our Offerings

Our Data Privacy and Protection services help in protecting data and securing privacy of users of large volumes of structured and unstructured information throughout its entire lifecycle

Other Solutions

Data Discovery and Classification 

Provide services for discovering sensitive data assets and information classification.

Data Privacy 

Help organizations in addressing privacy risk by leveraging our multidisciplinary approach of identifying and managing the risks associated with personal data.

Data Protection 

We augment our data privacy offering with our robust data protection tools and technologies to protect personal data or information.