Data privacy enables the isolation of personal data from interference. It provides the right to individuals to have control over the usage of their personal data by the organizations. This has become even more critical with the imposition of civil or criminal penalties by the data privacy laws. Having a robust privacy framework will help organizations deal with issues of direct commercial damage, legal actions, reputational loss, and customer attrition. Today, websites track all our keystrokes, applications discreetly converge information from our phones or covertly track every move we make leading to loss of privacy.

Loss of data or breach of data can affect the financial stability of the organization. Implementing data protection regulatory laws can arbitrate between individual privacy rights while still allowing data to be used for business purposes. These laws will give control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation. The need of the hour is to

  • Comprehend the requirements of the privacy laws from multiple geographies and build a compliance roadmap
  • Establish a robust framework for personal data management and align the business processes and underlying technologies with it
  • Manage the privacy program to sustain compliance and continually improve the privacy posture

We at Infosys CyberSecurity enable our clients to improve visibility and control sensitive data in compliance with regulatory and business requirements. We offer services ranging from Data Discovery and Classification to Data Protection and Data Privacy.

We enable our clients to improve visibility and control sensitive data in compliance with regulatory and business requirements


Information Security Metrics

Abstract: Information Security Metrics are powerful tools that every organization must use to measure and thereby improve performance of controls. Security Metrics can also provide important data points for an organization to ensure they prioritize between areas of focus and justify resource spend (time and money).


Challenges & Solutions

We provide services to our clients for discovering sensitive data assets and information classification.

We help organizations in addressing privacy risks by leveraging our multidisciplinary approach of identifying and managing the risks associated with personal data.

We augment our data privacy offering with our robust data protection tools and technologies to protect personal data or information.