With the advent of advanced technologies and cyber attackers becoming lethal, it is imperative that enterprises build a holistic security program, which is data-driven, provides incident backgrounds and facilitates quick security decisions.

Infosys and Microsoft have a rich legacy of partnership spanning over 15 years. As partners, we bring together our complementary strengths to deliver specialized capabilities, industry solutions, and services to empower our clients.

As a Microsoft global system integration partner, Infosys offers expertise through consulting, managed services and technology solutions leveraging Microsoft portfolio around Infosys Vulnerability Management services , Data Security and Endpoint Management.

Leverage Infosys Microsoft solution for modern security services required in today’s time


Challenges & Solutions

Experience a security solution that protects corporate data while also simplifying employee mobility and supporting intelligent devices. Microsoft Endpoint Manager, a cloud-based endpoint management solution streamlines and automates device deployment, provisioning, policy management, updates, and data wipes when needed. We design and implement security technologies carefully to achieve the right balance of protection and simplicity for the user experience.

Infosys managed security services and Microsoft Azure keep application and data in control by offering a robust IAM framework. The framework sets up processes for fine-grained, multi-factor authorization and delivers single sign-on and role-based access control capabilities across different channels; assesses the readiness and implements security controls at each layer of the Azure platform; establishes a governance framework for compliance with enterprise security and regulatory requirements

The Microsoft product portfolio and Infosys services together help enterprises effectively profile cybersecurity risks and manage threats comprehensively. This alliance is focused on building robust systems, platforms, and solutions for end-to-end threat detection and response management across hybrid infrastructures. We ensure our enterprise clients remain secure, compliant, and trusted.