Infosys Cyber Next offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to enterprises that otherwise need to invest in dozens of security technologies and niche skills in order to attain swift security maturity. It provides security-as-a-service in a single package that combines pre-selected and pre-integrated ready-to-use security technologies that are homegrown or from our partners.

The ecosystem offers deep visibility, lifecycle management, automation, risk-based prioritization and the flexibility to scale-up and scale-down solutions as per business and operational requirements.

Infosys Cyber Next - Platform Powered Services deploys, operates and manages security services through its global distributed Cyber Defense Centre (CDC) network thus providing enterprises with secured IT infrastructure.


How we can help

Bringing together the power of technology and cybersecurity excellence

Platform-powered security services

Comprehensive security solution

One-stop shop for technologies and security services ensuring customers get holistic security instead of individual products and services

Increase in security

Increase in security

Ready-made platform with pre-integrated best-of-the-breed third-party and home-grown products ensuring customers attain quick security maturity

Cyber Defense Centers

Cyber Defense Centers

Served out of globally distributed state-of-the-art Cyber Defense Centers built to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity threats and breaches and staffed with analysts having niche security skills

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