Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

With organizations adopting cloud first, internet first and borderless architecture strategies, traditional on-prem security, limited internet breakout, and high-cost WAN/MPLS are proving to be major deterrents in actualizing these strategies.

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How we can help

Help clients navigate their digital transformation journey securely

Design and Build SASE architecture

Design and Build SASE architecture

With our thorough understanding of existing set-up, tools and processes, we select most suitable and relevant SASE component to build a new platform which completely syncs with larger business goals and objectives of your organization

Transform to agile cloud based, SaaS security

Transform to agile cloud based, SaaS security

We follow a detailed contextual approach to transform your current heavy on-prem security set-up on-to internet edge-based SaaS security, bringing standardization and ease of manageability

Manage daily operations and tune nuances

Manage daily operations and tune nuances

Ensuring continuous improvement with strong partnership to meet defined objectives over 24x7x365 service wrap

Our Offerings

Our Secure Access Service Edge service provides Zero Trust based access by leveraging best of breed solutions

Other Solutions

Secure Web Gateway  

Proxy & URL filtering as a service with central policy management. This includes application access control for on-prem and public cloud platforms. Additional features like RBI (Remote Browser Isolation), bandwidth control, SSL visibility, mobile application control etc.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) 

Protect sensitive data on cloud. Secure access to SaaS applications and public cloud data. Segregate sanctioned and unsanctioned IT with increased visibility over cloud and SaaS set-up along with threat protection and compliance reporting.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 

Taking least privilege access control measures to next level by ensuring Identity-based access for every request from user or application with added features like micro segmentation, posture validation, and limited access with centralized management across segments.


Eliminating heavy on-prem hardware firewalls by enabling deep packet inspection on internet edge with NGFW features like IPS/IDS, application level contextual policies, DNS security etc.

Data Loss Prevention 

Data security controls with centralized policies for roaming users and devices using multiple techniques like pattern and keyword matching enabling integrate with SIEM for real time alerting of data violations.

Advanced Threat Protection & Anti- Malware 

File analysis and sandboxing capabilities for finding the unknowing and protecting against zero-day attacks with real time visibility and context aware policies.