Governance, Risk and Compliance

As enterprises transform digitally, they incorporate different processes into their enterprise, thereby getting exposed to newer information security risks and a host of organizational challenges as they try to stay compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

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How we can help

Establish a comprehensive GRC program to address information security requirements

How can I manage my enterprise data?

Balance Business Requirements with Information Security

We help in establishing a comprehensive information security management system by defining and implementing the required policies and procedures

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Risk Management

We define and implement a comprehensive risk management framework to protect clients from the emerging threat landscape due to digital transformation

How do I protect my enterprise from cyber-attacks?

Comprehensive View and Management of the Risks, Controls and their Compliance

We help by converging multiple GRC initiatives into an integrated approach through implementation of various GRC tools like RSA Archer, ServiceNow, and OneTrust

Our Offerings

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance services aim at strengthening security governance and risk management and ensuring compliance for our clients across industries and geographies

Other Solutions

Governance Services 

We design security governance frameworks and define information security policies and cybersecurity metrics for CISO dashboarding.

Risk Services 

We assess, identify gaps, and design risk management frameworks and applicable security controls for IT risk, application risk, cloud risk, and vendor risk.

Compliance Services 

We design and deliver frameworks and platforms to enhance the organization’s compliance readiness, implement controls, and establish a robust reporting structure.

GRC Technology Management 

We support clients with evaluation, identification, implementation, and support of GRC automation/technology solutions.

Infosys CyberAware 

We build a cybersecurity awareness culture by coaching stakeholders to identify and mitigate some of the most ubiquitous cyber threats.