Cyber Security


With innovation pacing ahead and the world getting intrinsically connected, there are complex and distributed interactions among people, applications, and data. This has rendered enterprises vulnerable to lethal, advanced and indiscriminate cyberattacks that are hard to defend. It is vital to accelerate the cyber defense mechanism by embedding cybersecurity into your technology framework and at every stage of your business lifecycle, build resilience and an organization-wide security mindset. The need of the hour is to embed security into your enterprise fabric, build resilience and scale in your cyber program and secure the future.

  • Secure by Design: We ensure enterprises become ‘Secure by Design’ by driving an enterprise mindset towards secure-by-design and embedding these principles at every stage of the business lifecycle leading to maximized visibility of the security threat, impact & resolution and minimized risks.

  • Secure by Scale: We are committed to building a resilient cyber security program and drive our customers to operate at scale while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. Our proven investments in global security operation centers, AI & ML-based integrated cybersecurity platform and partnership with universities pioneering in cybersecurity research & skill development enables us to optimize costs and amplify reach hence ‘Secure by Scale’.

  • Secure the Future: We help enterprises ‘Secure the Future’ by continuously adopting newer technologies and keeping pace with changing times, thus innovating faster and delivering value. Our clients have access to advanced threat-hunting capabilities, deep analytics and correlation, malware analysis and the latest in technology innovations incubated in the Infosys Security R&D Labs.

    Guided by our 3S principles, we are committed towards building a holistic security program with our suite of service offerings, that follows a 4D approach of Diagnose-Design-Deliver-Defend

  • Diagnose: We assess and analyze your cybersecurity maturity across the enterprise
    Assess | Analyze | Advise

  • Design: We design a scalable and future ready cybersecurity suite for implementing a comprehensive security strategy
    Architect | Integrate | Standardize

  • Deliver: We transform, automate and orchestrate across infrastructure, data, and applications from on-premise to cloud
    Implement | Mitigate | Transform

  • Defend: We help govern, operate, monitor, detect, and respond to attacks
    Operate | Respond | Govern