As enterprises transform digitally they face multiple challenges in designing an effective and efficient cybersecurity program. This challenge is further accentuated with rapid change in the IT landscape and security vendor landscape, compounded by privacy and regulation pains from multiple countries.

Hence, emerges the need for a structured assessment of existing security posture and definition of a cybersecurity strategy and roadmap that is periodically updated based on changes in business initiatives and cyber threats.

We at Infosys CyberSecurity advise our clients to eliminate their cybersecurity risks with robust strategy and frameworks assuring digital-trust. We offer Cybersecurity Strategy, Planning and Roadmap Definition, Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, Cybersecurity Policy Development, Cybersecurity Architecture Consulting, Cybersecurity Operating Model Development, Cybersecurity Awareness and Training, Cyber Advisory for Mergers and Acquisition, and Cybersecurity PMO as part of our Infosys Cyber Advisory service line.

We advise our clients to eliminate their cybersecurity risks with robust cybersecurity strategy and frameworks


Build a secure devops program using Infosys DevSecOps framework

Abstract: Ensuring software security is a critical part of software development. However, traditional methodologies are often costly, time-consuming and use a piecemeal approach. The responsibility of application security often lies with a separate team and most issues are identified only during the testing phase. Moreover, traditional DevSecOps implementations have fewer security controls added to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. These include static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST) and open source security analysis. The biggest challenge, however, is the lack of a definitive framework that provides organizations with guidelines on how to drive DevSecOps programs.


Challenges & Solutions

We assess the cybersecurity controls and standards in place for client's critical assets, infrastructure, applications, and data to ensure a robust cybersecurity posture and a control system built on best practices. We help you by implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy, planning and roadmap, cybersecurity policy development and cybersecurity architecture consulting.

We define the cybersecurity awareness strategy covering different groups and help implement and manage ongoing training for enterprises to strengthen the people aspect which is often considered the weakest link in protecting critical assets.

We can review existing policies and create comprehensive security policy, processes, guidelines and standards for the organization and also help in implementing the same aligned with the strategic goals of the overall enterprise