InnovationAus and Infosys Whitepaper - Building Cyber Resilience and Leveraging Cyber Governance

Given the frequency and variety of increasing cyber-attacks, it is imperative to progress beyond cybersecurity towards building cyber resilience and leveraging cyber governance, to thwart attackers before they strike. Apart from being proactive, cyber resilience differs from the old approach by accepting that security incidents are inevitable. With that acceptance, it focuses on improving detection, alertness and response in those situations.

Large enterprises are protecting customers, citizens and assets with artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and the Internet of Things in threat assessments. Organizations are building robust risk management frameworks and prioritizing cyber investments to meet their objectives against a heightened threat landscape.

Leveraging the network effects of shared critical infrastructure in a safe environment is paramount. Just as cyber threats are not sector specific, there is an industry-wide consensus to use the network experience of mature players to help lesser-resourced or informed small to medium enterprises, particularly those downstream providers that don’t consider themselves to be affected by the new legislation. Recognizing the key attributes of the hacker profile are crucial when anticipating cyberattacks and executing strategies to thwart them before the damage is done.

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